This website is provided as is. In no way shape or form will the creator of this service guarantee the longevity of the links stored on the platform.

The creator reserves the right to delete any shortened URL they see fit. If any shortened link on this platform caused the reader any harm, feel free to reach out to the creator so they can delete it.

The only data stored in this website are the URLs created by users and their shortened versions. Absolutely no other kind of data is stored on the database.

The vendors used to host the website can store extra information, like IP addresses, country of origin and others. These are stats collected by the servers of Cloudflare , FaunaDB and Vercel , services used to operate the platform.

The creator is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any link stored on the platform. All of the URLs shortened on the platform are ANONYMOUS in nature, and the creator has NO WAY of finding out where they come from.

If any URL is putting the reader, or others, in harms way, let the creator know and they shall delete the URL in question.

For enquiries reach out via email: [email protected]

TL,DR: do not fucking sue me for fuck's sake. If any shit ass link gave you a virus it's not my fault, just send me an email and I'll delete the thing.

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